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Do Americans Still Listen to the Radio?

Ever wondered how some people are able to find catchy tunes which were previously unknown? Some casually dismiss it assuming that they might be big time internet worms or music junkies who constantly rummage through numerous sites and records to find those golden tunes which more often than not become a big hit on a later date. Surprisingly, a large number of Americans actually find new music by listening to Radio stations. In fact the study by Nielsen concludes that the number is more than any other source, including the internet.

In fact despite having better online services for music along with the almighty search engine, people finding new music through the internet account for less than 10%. Radio stations on the other hand play a large role in marketing newer artists and thus account for around 48% of people who find new music. Though a bit shocking, its not all that surprising since Radios were and still are considered a primary source of music. Its usually the Top 40 stations in the nation which have a great effect in thrusting the new artists into fame according to David Bakula who is the vice president of the client development at the research organization.

While the new voices may be found in Radio stations, mode of consumption is dominated by websites like Youtube. In fact the number of music listeners in YouTube is more than any other source, including iTunes and Compact Discs. The study states that while teenagers prefer digital services which gives them instant access, 36% of them have said that they have purchased a CD in the last year. This confirms that while distribution of music through CDs may have diminished greatly, its not extinct yet. The method of distribution also varies geographically with more CDs being consumed in the rural areas while people in urban and metropolitan areas prefer online services including Vevo, Pandora, YouTube, among others. Radio stations however, will still continue to flourish, according to Bakula, as the awareness that new, talented voices can be found in them has sparked a surge in the number of listeners.

A recent study in UK showed that Radios make their audience far more happier than any other mediums. According to experts, its probably the companionship provided by a Radio Jockey in between the songs, or the charm of listening music the traditional way, that makes the experience so enjoyable through a radio, don’t you agree?

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